Weekly Update!

Hey spokes! I’m going to be updating this blog every week with meeting notes/announcements and anything else Jake hasn’t already posted up.

Here’s a few things we discussed at this week’s meeting:

Bike repair stands on-campus: We’ve been working with the Student Union to make these repair stands on-campus a reality. The plan is to have three repair stands installed across the UCF campus. If all goes well, these should be installed no later than January. Cyclists rejoice!

New bike pump locked up near the breezeway: The old pump that was locked up to the breezeway bike racks stopped working so we ordered a new, hopefully more foolproof pump to replace our old friend, Joseph Blow.

Pizza Cat! This will be happening October 15th and it will be lots of fun! The pizza will be provided by Lazy Moon. We need an additional 11 volunteers to make this race happen so if you or someone you know can volunteer, send an email to spokescouncil@gmail.com with your name and contact info. I will upload the pdf file of the poster and post the link up soon. Link here.

Another Fall event: Genesis has been planning an event relating to bicycle advocacy which Spokescouncil will be supporting. At the moment, no date has been confirmed, but the event will most likely fall somewhere around November 19th. Stay tuned for more details.

Ride to Occupy Orlando: A few spokes folks have been talking about organizing a ride to Occupy Orlando after the Pizza Cat. If you would like to join the ride or help organize it, come out to the next Spokescouncil meeting.

Park Day: We have decided to start doing Park Days twice a month, weather permitting.

That’s all I’ve got for this week. Ride Safe everyone.


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  1. It has been POURING in Orlando all day! So thankful for the great weather we had this week!! fb

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